Dr. Kent Zieser, D.O.

Dr. Kent Zieser, D.O. has been practicing medicine since 2004. After finishing his training in Internal Medicine at Mount Sanai in Florida, he practiced in San Antonio, Texas hospital in a hospital setting until 2007. Since then he has continued practicing medicine in both hospital and primary care settings. Dr. Zieser has the unique and rare distinction of being the treating doctor for both state and federal (DOL/OWCP) work injury patients. Dr. Zieser has also thoroughly enjoyed taking care of patients involved in motor vehicle accidents. He has great people skills and enjoys providing exceptional care to all his patients. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and working outside.

Dr. Hill, D.C.

Dr. Hill has ample experience in treating patients involved in motor vehicle and work-related accidents. In addition, he has worked with patients in functional medicine and has treated professional athletes on the San Antonio Talons and the San Antonio Scorpions (NASL). Dr. Hill enjoys the integrative aspect of Mission City Healthcare and works closely with other doctors and physicians to make sure the patient obtains the best quality care. Outside of the clinic, personal interests include athletics, hunting, travel, and real estate.

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