Frist steps after a Motor Vehicle Accident

If you or a loved one has been injured in an automobile accident contact Mission City Healthcare today! We specialize in whiplash,  headaches, neck pain, back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain and all soft tissue injuries due to acute trauma.

GET TREATMENT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. It is best to come in as soon as possible due to inflammation and scar tissue formation. When you’re in any major accident the body will inflame due to the injury.  This causes pain in the injured site. As the body tries to heel, scar tissue will form which can lead to chronic issues. Treatment helps decrease the inflammation and minimize the formation of scar tissue which can improve the overall outcome of treatment.

SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT WITH THE RIGHT CLINIC.  Our team of doctors, therapist and licensed massage therapist are specialized in taking care of injured patients.  Our ultimate goal is for each patient to achieve his or her goal of maximum medical improvement.

BRING ANY AND ALL INFORMATION.  Please bring any and all information pertaining to your auto injury.  If however, you do not have the needed police report or necessary information please call to schedule anyways.  We are experts in helping our patients fill out any forms or paperwork that ensue from a work or auto injury.

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